Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mr Baoz is in Penang now!

Have you taste the colourful buns before? Some may think that it is made out of artificial colouring but hey, they are actually made of natural colourings.....Very attractive yet tasty buns!! Wow!! Worth trying them out. These baoz ranges from savoury to sweet, also chocolates are available too! Check them out @

They also available for caterings, birthdays, weddings, etc....

Toilet Bowl Restaurant

We've been knowing that there's a well known toilet bowl theme restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. The food or even the soft serve are serve in "toilet bowls" you think you can still eat?

T-Bowl in Penang, Malaysia
Now you'll able to taste the food in a "toilet bowl" at Queensbay Mall! Don't miss the opportunity to try them!~ lol

Tang Dynasty Restaurant, Taipei Taiwan

I've went to this Tang Dynasty (Tang Chau in Mandarin) in Taipei. I heard it was a shop opened by a Taiwanese artist. Went in and had some desserts...yummy! yummy!

Taipei , Taiwan

Taipei has been always my favourite place to visit especially when there are heaps of nice and delicious food there...Not only that, there are lots of creative & innovative food there too!

Shopping, Taipei is also a place for shopping especially if you are fancy of Japanese latest trendy fashion clothings. Ximending is a place like Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Bintang area. Don't miss your shopping trip to Ximending. Girls, it's gonna be your big day out for shopping, get set? GO!!

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Ladies' craze